'99 DOHC MTX White Coupe Drag Car

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This car use to be my SOHC MTX drag car, but now has a built 2.0L engine. Best all motor pass with the SOHC was an 8.83 in the 1/8th and with the nitrous an 8.03 in the 1/8th. Now we'll see how it does with a built DOHC motor. Here is a list of the mods: Lots of weight reduction, built DOHC short block w/3 10.5:1 JE Pistons and 1 10.5:1 Wiseco Piston, P&P head w/Crane valve springs, #18 Crane cams, Fidanza Cam Gears, Custom box style intake, 60 mm tb, FF long tube header w/flex pipe & Dynomax bullet muffler, DOHC AF/X Race PCM, S-AFC II, Walbro 255lph fuel pump w/58psi regulator, MPX UDP w/outer groove cut off, 3.94 tranny w/.72 5th & Phantom Grip LSD, PT clutch, NOS Sportsman Direct port nitrous kit, NOS Progressive Nitrous Controller, 22x8x13 M&H Slicks on 13x8 Keizer wheels, M&H skinnies on Keizer wheels, Ebay steering wheel, & solid bobble strut.      

Car ran an 8.67 in the 1/8th all motor untuned. It was running lean with the SOHC AF/X Race PCM. It now has a DOHC AF/X Race PCM so will have to see how it does next time out. 

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