Michael's '98 Neon R/T

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Here are some pics and info on Michael's '98 Neon R/T

Here is a list of the mods that are done to the Neon R/T as of now: Rebuilt short block, P&P Head, Crane 10 Cams, Iceman, P&P Intake, AF/X Race PCM, Programmable MSD DIS-2, S-AFC II, Pacesetter Header, 60mm tb, DSS stage 3 axles, PT clutch, Alabama LSD, Dynomax Exh. Sys., AF/X Underdrive Pulley, Fidanza Adj. Cam Gears, Crane 8.5 Firewires, MP Front Motor Mount w/Rex Inserts, AF/X Solid Bobble Strut, Front & Rear Strut Braces and a 75 shot nitrous kit.

Soon to have Crane 16 Cams, Crower Valve Springs and a little more nitrous.

Going up for another pass...